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Tracy Gunn

A brief word from Tracy Gunn

I have spent the last few years helping business owners prepare to exit their businesses.


I assist them by increasing their valuation as they prepare to exit and retire!


Here is a summary of my journey over the past few years.


      Received really poor valuation from a traditional Broker.

      Researched & Implemented the E.A.S.Y. Method and improved my own valuation.

      Found a buyer within 3 months.

      Successfully exited 2 businesses and retired early. (At the tender age of 49!)

Listen Up Business Owner!

Would you like to get a clear picture of where your business stands and how much you could sell for?

How about a clear path on how to achieve a higher valuation and increase your multiple of your business?


Maybe be prepared to sell without paying a broker within the next year?


Then keep reading!

Here's why

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners get their businesses ready to sell, improve their valuations by improving efficiency, implementing systems, and exit their businesses over the last 2 years.


However, I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

Inside the How to Exit your Business Program you'll get:

A Business Valuation

Using the Business Valuation Worksheet, you will get a clear and concise view of your business’s current value, sales multiple, and sellability score. Understand how your valuation is created, where the numbers come from, and how they are applied.

A Seller's Checklist

Selling your business without a broker will be almost guaranteed thanks to the “Seller Checklist”. This provides you an inside look at what buyers are specifically looking for when looking to acquire a business. Information is power.

Prepare to Sell Roadmap

Our clients enjoy clear direction when they create their Selling roadmap. The E.A.S.Y. method will be your guide, step by step, to making the system improvements necessary to prepare your business for sale.

Implementation Schedule to fill your C-Suite

Thanks to the E.A.S.Y. method, our clients can now implement and install a C-suite to cover all business needs.

Exit Strategy

This will be easy to develop and implement. Your business will become more independent of you as you complete each point on your roadmap, bringing you closer to your exit.

Retire this Year

Once you complete the program, you will be ready to sell and retire – when and if you want to!

And So Much More Inside!

Are YOU The Kind Of Person We Are Looking For To Join Us Inside The The Exit your business Program​?

We know the people who get the fastest and best results from this program fit a certain set of criteria…


We’re looking for Motivated Business Owners who are preparing to sell within the next year.


We’ve found that if you have built a viable business and maintained growth for over 5 years, then not only is it easier to work with you, the results you get from the program will lead to some of our most impressive testimonials.


Naturally, that means you will be enjoying the incredible results you get too!


While this program can get results for absolutely anyone, we would prefer to work with people who have been actively involved in their business and those kinds of people tend to love learning AND open to change.


If any or all of this sounds like you, then you could be someone we would like to have join the Exit your Business Program – And retire this year!.

Here Is An Overview Of What Is Included!

Custom Business Evaluation & Analysis

With the Insta-valuation Calculator, you’re going to find getting an instant valuation isn’t just possible, it is easy! Our focus is the success of our clients and that means your results. This is how we ensure our E.A.S.Y method continues to be the best program of its kind in our industry

A Custom Road Map

The Buyer’s Checklist almost always gives our clients a clear and concise “next steps” roadmap quickly after joining the program. We find that this rapid success boosts the confidence levels of our clients inside the program and immediately gives them a plan to retire. They know where they are, where they want to go, and exactly how to get there! This has you feeling hopeful and more motivated than ever.


Spend time with people trying to achieve the same goal. It helps. They are business owners who are in a similar position or only slightly ahead of you in the journey. They help support you to get to your goal and keep you moving forward. Business ownership can be lonely – your exit doesn’t have to be. 

Here is who E.A.S.Y method is not for:

We know that the people who get to maximum sellability the fastest with the E.A.S.Y method all fit a certain type of criteria. We also know the characteristics of the people who are most likely to fail.


Because of this, we don’t just let people buy their way into the program. We don’t want money from someone who we can’t help. If any of the following criteria sound like you, I can confirm that the E.A.S.Y method is not for you.


The E.A.S.Y method is NOT for you if you aren’t willing to invest in your own growth. In order to get big program results you’re going to need to:

    •    Invest time into developing new skills

    •    Invest effort into implementing those skills

    •    Invest income into the program to have our team and course guide you into getting you the Valuation and Exit that you are looking for.


We know that only a certain group of people check the boxes we are looking for but… we KNOW we can get them results.

This is why we offer a complimentary consultation before we let anyone into the program to be sure that this is the right decision.

Here is how you get E.A.S.Y method

Applying to join the program costs absolutely nothing! Even better anyone who attends the consultation is given a choice of one of three exclusive programs. (The three programs will be explained further during your consultation)

To insure that our members gets the best results there is a capacity to how many people we let in at the same time. While you are always free to book a consultation with us, there is no guarantee that you be let in right away as you may be put on a waiting list if we are at capacity. The sooner you get on the waiting list the better. So don’t delay to book your consultation.

You’ll find the form to book your free consultation and apply to join the How to Exit your Business Program below.

We only work with people we know we can help. And if you have read this far then there is a good chance that this is you. If we can’t help, we will be transparent about it.


Discover the personal reason why Tracy Gunn is so passionate about helping people just like you

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