Meet your “Exitable” Mentors


Hello! I am Tracy Gunn

Tracy wasn’t always an expert in helping business owners sell their business. In fact, she used to have businesses with negative valuations. In fact it got so bad that she jokes she was actually looking to pay someone else to take her business!
She doesn’t want any business owner to go through that pain ever again. So she’s on a mission to find the people that she KNOWS she can easily help – and prepare their business for sale and change their lives.
When she first set about solving this for herself, she tried to find people to help her.
Sadly, what she found is that many of the so-called experts are simply sharing the same information that they’ve copied from the same articles and videos she could easily find for free on the internet.
So she knew she wanted to do something better.
So, she found a partner who also completely gets it… enter Karen Frith
Tracy spent 2 years researching, studying, and testing methods and decided that she’d only use those that delivered the highest results to include in the E.A.S.Y method and G.E.T. E.X.I.T.A.B.L.E Framework.
She’s gone on to use those same discoveries to become recognized as a small business expert, with a focus on buying and selling companies. This is because she understands- having been through it all herself. She has been there.  She gets it!
Tracy Gunn makes herself available for speaking opportunities and media appearances to help further this mission.


If I can do this as a 50 year old Grandma – you can absolutely do it, too.

I’m on a mission to help as many small business owners get higher valuations so that they can retire with a higher payout. 

Hello, I am Karen Frith

Karen Frith has consulted with some of the biggest brands on the planet for over 20 years, alongside building and selling 5 of her own businesses and helping hundreds of business owners do the same.
Karen’s belief is that every business owner deserves the support from expert consultants, but she’s well aware that not every business owner has the deep pockets large corporations have!
So, as she worked closely with experts from McKinsey, BCG and Bain she began to study their methods and apply them to her own businesses.
When this produced amazing results, she started to help other founders, SME’s who had ‘hit the wall’ and just wanted out.
She helped fix the basics and get the companies ready for sale, often having multiple offers on the table or sometimes just helping the owners fall in love with their business again.
Now, using the E.A.S.Y method framework, she is ready to help you too…
Knowing what to do is one thing… actually making it happen by implementing the necessary changes is what Karen is an expert in”
Karen Frith

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